Welcome to the Wiseman Productions hub. This is the portal to our creative hub. We don’t just do great promotional videos for businesses and charities. We don’t just do stand out music videos. We are a community focused video production company. What does that mean. I hear you ask with a faint air of skepticism. Well, essentially it’s our way of saying we don’t just do videos, we partner with businesses, orgs and individuals to identify and reach out to their community, or help to build one, for those just starting to find their identity and audience. 

In this first episode of Devon’s very own amazing TV channel –  MIDI TV – Super talented reggae music artist Kouatchou talks to Abbe Martin (Sound of The Sirens) about his collaboration with Wiseman Productions (that part of the interview is from 10mins 53secs). Thanks to Kouatchou, Abbe Martin and MIDI TV for the mention.

Working with Kouatchou is always a rewarding experience and we can’t wait to get on with his next exciting project – watch this space! To find out more about the MIDI TV initiative, or Kouatchou and Abbe check the links: 

Kouatchou – Facebook 

MIDI TV – Website

Abbe Martin – Website


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Calling all humans! We are looking for people to take part in this visual survey of human aspiration. To find out more please get in touch. A documentary looking at what is it to be human and what kind of world we want to see? Is there a commonality in human desire to create a better world and how do we achieve it?  Click here to watch the trailer and here for more information on the film

Wiseman Productions is currently working with the Sound Gallery studios on several projects running through 2021, including consultation, logo and video work.

For more on the exciting upcoming projects The Sound Gallery are working on see here

‘Identity’ was written and performed by Lou Latham to raise funds and awareness of mental health charity ‘Devon Mind’  Filmed on location in Exeter, we’re really pleased with this music video and it was such great project to be involved with.

Yous can watch the film and support the cause here.


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